We are doing this by developing innovative products and improving access to healthcare for patients around the world.

GSK has a new strategy in Africa that aims to make targeted investments of up to £130 million in Africa over the next five years, creating at least 500 jobs and contributing to the development of home-grown capabilities and skills in Africa. This builds on GSK’s existing business base in sub-Saharan Africa.

GSK will invest £25 million to create the world’s first R&D Open Lab for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Africa.  It will establish up to 25 academic Chairs at local African universities to ensure sustainability and local input.

GSK will also:

  • Develop domestic manufacturing capacity and invest up to £100 million to expand its existing manufacturing capability in Nigeria and Kenya and up to five new factories in Africa.

  • Optimise our portfolio of medicines for NCDs to increase the registration of medicines and vaccines in its existing portfolio that were not already available.

  • Increase our support for community health worker training, in recognition of the vital role they play in delivering basic healthcare to many communities.

In 2013 GSK:

  • Achieved a major milestone in the development of our malaria vaccine candidate.

  • Invested £3.4 billon in global research and development for innovative medicines, vaccines and consumer products.

  • Delivery of 46.8 million vaccine doses to the GAVI Alliance at affordable prices to protect children from pneumococcal diseases, rotavirus gastroenteritis and cervical cancer.

  • Donated our four billionth albendazole tablet to support efforts to eliminate lymphatic filariasis.

  • Reinvested £5.1 million of our profits in Least Developed Countries through our 20% reinvestment programme. 

“Now is the moment for business to play a more active role in contributing to a more prosperous future in Africa. Investing in infrastructure, building skills and capability to unlock human potential and create jobs. Our long-term goal is to equip Africa to discover, develop and produce the medicines required for Africa.” 

Sir Andrew Witty, CEO, GSK

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