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Vasari is an operationally led investor focussed on specific sectors in which it has an established reputation of successful management and value creation. These sectors can be grouped within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (“FMCG)” sector & associated value chain. From a geographic perspective the Vasari team has run global businesses with significant experience in both developed and emerging markets with a strong heritage throughout Africa. It is this experience in emerging markets that has highlighted the importance of fully integrated operations and thus the importance of managing, and when required investing, in both downstream and upstream assets / companies as part of an overall strategy for a specific business. Led by Vivian Imerman, Vasari and its team have historically owned and managed both global and African focussed businesses including companies such as Del Monte, Nabisco South Africa & Whyte & Mackay.

Vasari Investment Focus

Due to its experience and background Vasari only invests in businesses where it believes it can add value through a blend of entrepreneurial acumen and strategic planning coupled with the installation of procedures and disciplines in line with the best practices in multinational organisations. Therefore Vasari brings both financial and intellectual capital to any business into which it invests with the latter being in the form of knowledgeable and experienced human resources. However Vasari is happy to work with local partners and local management teams as its private nature allows it to be flexible in terms of the nature of its investment into any business.

Vasari and Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a core market for Vasari’s wider African strategy and its commitment to the market is highlighted by two permanent in-country representatives who have a wealth of experience across numerous spheres of the Ethiopian economy. With regard to current businesses then Vasari has investments in:

  • Dashen Brewery – Dashen is one of the largest brewers in the country and the only brewery of any significant size which is not owned by a multinational brewer. With our local partner, TIRET, we continue to grow the business and are currently constructing a new brewery to help drive this growth further.

  • Ahadukes Food Products – Ahadukes is a partnership with an Ethiopian entrepreneur and collectively we are currently developing one of the largest wheat flour based products businesses in Ethiopia with a new manufacturing facility in the Oromia region of the country.

  • Rorank Business – Rorank is a relatively young domestic spirits business and in conjunction with the founder of the business we are now looking to significantly grow and develop the business across all facets of its operation from production through to branding through to distribution.

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